2022 Special – SAVE $2022

Welcome to 2022! We are excited and hopeful for what this New Year will bring. And to help our clients be excited and hopeful too, we are offering a special credit! Read on…

2021 – In the Past

2021 is in the past! We realize the past few years have been challenging for some, in many ways. One of those ways, was buying a home. In 2021, a large number of buyers entered the market, wanting to buy a home that was more suited to their needs. Whether it was more square footage, more bedrooms, larger yard and/or different neighborhood, town or state. Whatever their motivation (coupled with low interest rates), low inventory meant there were more buyers than homes for sale. As a result, buyers faced fierce competition, resulting in multiple offers and rising housing prices.

2022 – Welcome

Welcome to 2022. Industry experts have made their predictions for 2022’s housing market. Most agree, despite small interest rate increases, demand will stay strong this year. And while housing prices are expected to continue to rise with demand, it is expected to be less drastic than last year.

However, no one has a crystal ball to foretell if the industry experts will be correct. But what we do have, is a little something to hopefully help our clients make their move this year, while interest rates are still relatively low.

2022 Special – SAVE $2022

We are offering a $2,022 credit to our clients at the close of escrow, throughout 2022. This is valid for both our buyers and sellers on each transaction. So, if you are selling and buying with us, you will receive a $2,022 credit at the close of escrow on the home you are selling – and you will receive a $2,022 credit at the close of escrow on the home you are buying.

The Fine Print

As with all special offers, here are the required terms/details to be eligible:

  • We (Amanda & Jerry Arend) must represent you in the transaction(s).
  • The transaction(s) must successfully close escrow.
  • The funds will be a credit at closing from our commission earned on the transaction.
  • All parties in the transaction will be properly advised of the credit (buyer, seller, lender).
  • The credit is subject to the lender’s approval. Not all loan programs allow for credits, or they may limit credit amounts. If the lender does not allow the credit, no credit will be given. If the lender allows a partial credit, the partial credit will be given.
  • The commission into our office (for the side we are representing) must be a minimum of 2.5% of the selling price. If the commission is less than 2.5%, no credit will be given.
  • Offer terms must be in writing and signed by both the client and Amanda & Jerry Arend, to be binding.

Offer is valid for all transactions with Amanda & Jerry Arend, that close escrow between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Amanda & Jerry Arend reserve the right to modify or cancel this special offer at any time.