Address Or MLS ID Search

Search to find a listing by either an address or MLS ID number. Partial addresses work too!
NOTE: For both searches, only properties that are in the “active” or “contingent” status will display. If you want information regarding a property “coming soon,” “pending,” or “sold,” contact us and we can provide you the information.

Search by Address

Search with a full or partial address:

  • Street # – if you have this, great! Input it and hit search! If you don’t, leave it blank and move down.
    Note: if inputting the street number, it must be correct. Not partial.
  • Street Name – if you have this, great! If you don’t, then a partial name is fine too!
  • None of the other fields are required! Generally less information returns greater results.

    Examples: House address is 111 Nowhere Street
    Street #: Input 111 and search.
    Street Name (complete): Input Nowhere and search
    Street Name (partial): Input “no” and search, or “where” and search, or even “whe” and search. All active or contingent properties with those letters will appear in the results.

Search By MLS ID

Search with a MLS Property ID Number:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the search to “listing numbers.”
  • Input the number and search.

To search WITHOUT the address or MLS ID: