Welcome to our COVID-19 resource page.

Back in March 2020, the pandemic changed a lot of things. And both every day life and work has looked a lot different since then. Throughout the pandemic, real estate remained an essential service, and like all other businesses, we have had to continually adapt and evolve as new rules and regulations were released. And now, things are changing again – and it’s very exciting!

COVID-19 Changes Beginning June 15, 2021

Beginning June 15, 2021, California is reopening it’s economy! With that, many restrictions are being lifted as well. Here is the Quick Guide from the CA Association of Realtors:

Our Updated COVID-19 Office Policy

First things first, we will start with us. We are both fully vaccinated! Not only did we do this for our own protection, but for the protection of our family, friends, clients and the overall general public. And we will continue to keep our clients safe by following all of the updated rules and regulations.

For our sellers, we will discuss what is the most appropriate safety measures for their specific situation and then tailor their showings requirements accordingly. We will also continue to recommend all showings be done by appointment only. We believe this gives potential buyers a better viewing experience, so they may have enough time to appropriately view and consider all of the homes features.

For our buyers, we will be implementing the CA Association of Realtors policy recommendation of requiring everyone to wear a mask. This policy will be subject to some exceptions, which we will discuss on an individual basis.

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