It’s Friday the 13th!

Do you believe in any of these real estate superstitions?

Tons of people think the number 13 is unlucky. Some don’t. But pretty much everyone has at least heard that the number 13 is unlucky.

With Friday the 13th upon us, we thought it’d be fun and interesting to send along some superstitions we come across in the real estate industry…

Lucky/Unlucky numbers

Real estate agents sometimes find themselves working with clients who have superstitions based upon lucky (and unlucky) numbers.

This is often a cultural superstition. And the lucky or unlucky numbers are different from culture to culture.

This can affect whether or not someone will buy a house, if the street address is an unlucky number, or even adds up to an unlucky number.

It can also affect the specific dollar amount they will offer or accept for a house…

What direction a house faces

Does your house face East? If it does, that’s great… for some potential buyers.

But others may not see it that way, and would never buy a house unless it faces South.

Again, these superstitions are typically cultural, and no one direction is right for every culture.

So, don’t worry what direction your house faces…there’s always someone who will be fine with whatever direction it is facing.

Mercury in retrograde

This is less cultural, and more a matter of whether someone is into astrology…

It is believed that when the planet Mercury is in “retrograde” (backward), it is a bad time to enter a contract.

So, if a client is sensitive to this, there is a good chance there isn’t a deal good enough to get them to buy or sell a house while Mercury is in retrograde.


Ever hear of smudging? That’s when you burn a sacred plant (often sage), and walk around the house wafting the smoke, in order to get rid of negative energy in a house.

Does that sound crazy? Sound like someone’s been smokin’ the smudge!?

As real estate agents, we wouldn’t call it crazy…

Just like when people are described as “fun to be around,” or “they are just so draining,” homes also put off energy. Clients use words like “happy, cheery, sad, depressing, overwhelming, etc. All words simply describing the “energy” of the home.

Haunted Dwellings

Did you know there is a large number of people who believe some homes are haunted?

In CA we have certain disclosures that need to be made if there has been a death in the home or on the property. This is largely due to some cultural beliefs. However, some people simply don’t want to live in a home where someone has passed away, because they think it will be haunted.

“Haunted” homes used to be stigmatized and harder to sell. But with so many shows about the paranormal now, there is actually a growing number of clients who would love to own one!

You Are Not Crazy

While an agent may not believe in a client’s superstition, or even understand it…they shouldn’t consider it crazy. It’s a real estate agent’s responsibility to represent their clients’ best interests.

And just so you know, we wouldn’t consider any of the above examples (or anything else you could throw at us) crazy…because if it is a concern for our client, it is a concern for us!

Wishing you nothing but luck this Friday the 13th!