Reasons To Hire Us As Your Buyer’s Agent

There are many reasons to hire us as your buyer’s agent. Our job is to help you successfully navigate the whole home-buying process, from your initial home search all the way through closing and beyond. However, there are so many layers to making that happen. So, here are some of the main benefits to using us:

Immediate Access To Listings

Everyone loves looking at homes on the internet. It is the equivalent of window shopping. But when you are ready to transition from browsing to serious buying, you need to work with an agent. We are members of our local MLS. We have extensive knowledge of the inventory in our area and sometimes have access to more listings than you see online. And we have access to listings the minute they hit the market. Which means you will know about them too, and we can immediately make plans to view the property so you don’t miss out.

Experience / Trusted Advisors

Every real estate market is different. Home prices, demand and housing types vary by state, city and even neighborhood. So working with an agent that specializes in the area you want to buy in is crucial. As agents with 20+ years working in our local residential real estate market, our experience is invaluable throughout all phases of the home buying process. And we pride ourselves on being trusted advisors who can give you honest guidance that could save you time, money and stress.

Powerful Negotiators

Being able to negotiate a deal is a big part of a real estate agent’s job. However, it is not in everyone’s wheelhouse. We have taken the time to learn the art of negotiating. Being powerful negotiators, we are able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the other side, assess our position and use that to your advantage. We will help you determine a fair market value for a home before you make an offer. And give our expert advice on an offer strategy based on the specific property, seller and our local market conditions. Then, we’ll negotiate with the seller’s agent on your behalf, to come to an agreement on price and terms.

Skilled Problem Solvers

With our experience, knowing what can go wrong, is a key component to avoiding potential pitfalls. And should a problem arise, we are skilled in problem solving. We rarely see a new scenario or issue that we can’t navigate or correct.


A very important component to a successful transaction is navigating the piles of paperwork! Here is a small sample of what documents make up that pile:

  • showing disclosures
  • upfront disclosures / inspections (prior to writing an offer)
  • purchase contact w/offer disclosures
  • escrow paperwork
  • transaction disclosures
  • inspections
  • contingencies
  • closing paperwork
  • correspondence

As you can see, buying a home requires a lot of paperwork. Which takes a very detail oriented person to properly handle it all. We will gather documents, explain your rights and obligations under the contract terms, ensure nothing is missing, and walk you through everything that needs to be signed.

Jerry was very honest and upfront, Amanda loves the million+ paperwork required….They are great, alone and together.

Organized Multi-taskers

All the tasks mentioned above require a lot of time. So we have built our successful business by being very organized multi-taskers. And working as a team, we are able to provide our clients the highest level of service.

“People should know how great Jerry and Amanda are…Jerry and Amanda are extremely knowledgeable and responsive, very personable, and always available. They compliment each other perfectly to make a superb real estate team.”

Jason & Kelly E.


Working in our area for 20+ years, means we have a network of professionals we can recommend. Such as mortgage brokers / lenders, escrow officers and home inspectors. We have strong working relationships with these professionals, which can often streamline processes and keep the transaction moving forward smoothly.

Overall Fun People

Lastly, you should hire us as your buyer’s agent because we are overall fun people to be around! When you are out searching for your perfect home, we will be spending a lot of time together. Depending upon your specific home buying process, we may spend months, over even years searching for the perfect place. So it is very important to make sure you are working with someone you like spending time with.

We both love what we do. And we bring happy, positive energy to every task. Our goal is to make looking for homes and navigating through escrow the most fun experience we can. Life is too short to spend it otherwise!

“Jerry and Amanda were so nice and fun to work with. I am so glad that they were our agents!”

Jeff & Julia B.

We went through several offer “situations” and they never lost their positive attitude – just kept assuring us that we’d find the perfect house. And, they were right!!”

Dan & Sharon H.