What Is A Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent is a licensed professional officially representing the buyer in all aspects of their home purchase.

While most real estate agents work with both buyers and sellers as part of their overall business, they typically do not represent both in the same transaction. Typically, a buyer’s agent represents the buyer exclusively and a seller’s agent / listing agent represents the seller exclusively.

On a rare occasion, the same agent can represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction, which is called “dual agency.” Dual agency is illegal in some states, but allowed in California, if both parties specially agree to it. In that scenario, it’s impossible to represent both parties’ interests fully, so typically a fair compromise is the ultimate outcome. While there are specific times this might be beneficial to both parties, in general, when hiring a real estate agent, it’s best to go with an agent who will solely work for your benefit.

Amanda & Jerry Working As A Buyer’s Agent

When you hire us as your buyer’s agent, we will be representing you exclusively. Working solely for your benefit.

While we work with both buyers and sellers as part of our overall business, we (typically) do not represent both in the same transaction. The reason being, think of it like hiring a lawyer. You wouldn’t want the same attorney representing both you and the other side. In order for us to get you the best deal (best home, with the best terms, for the least amount of money) is if we are representing you exclusively.

On a very rare occasion, we have done a couple of dual agencies in our 20+ year career. They were specific transactions where it made sense for both the buyer and seller. And in those scenarios, both sides agreed to a fair compromise on price and terms for the overall benefit gained by both parties.

We Love Working With Buyers

We love working with buyers! Helping clients find their perfect home, for their specific situation, is such a rewarding process. We have had young first time buyers looking for a home that fits their plans for their future (perhaps a family or a pet or a place near work or friends and family). Or older first time buyers who, at any age in life, are finally getting to experience the joy of owning their own home. We have had expanding families moving up to larger homes. Seniors downsizing to a smaller, easier to care for home. Clients relocating or perhaps making a difficult life change that requires a new place to call home. No two buyers are the same. Nor are their situations. Or their lists of wants and needs.

So, when we first meet with buyers, we ask a lot of questions to get to know who they are and what they are looking for in a new home. And it goes beyond just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We take the time to learn the the reasons behind their moving and what they want and need in a home. Do they have special needs, such as ability needs, multi-generational needs, yard for gardening or a pet, etc. Do they have special wants, such as a mid century home, a circa 1900 or older home, a brand new home, remodeled home, etc. Because the more we know about our clients, the more we connect with them and understand them. And that is how we find them exactly what they are looking for….no matter how long the search takes!

First Time Home Buyer Review

“Dear Mr. Hiatt,

First, I would like to give you a little history of my business relationship with Jerry and Amanda Arend…

When I first moved to Santa Rosa, I wandered into the CPS office one day and asked if there was someone there that specialized in first time buyers. I was immediately shown to Jerry & Amanda’s office. At this time, I had no appointment, no experience, and was not even sure I should be purchasing in the area. They answered my questions with patience, accuracy and kindness. This was over two years ago,

We began to look at houses in the area, but my tolerance for the still upward moving market prices reached its end. I took a break from looking, which they both took in stride, with no pushing and no complaints.

About four months ago, Amanda contacted me again to see what was going on in my life and see if I were still interested in buying a home. I had just moved into a neighborhood that I finally felt a part of and her contact teed off in my head, “Yes, actually, now I know where I want to be.” The year before we had pared down my wants in a house, or rather, they took my visits to homes and unsure discussions in their office and rounded them into a whole picture. Now I had the location.

They found my house when it landed on the market, Amanda emailed me that she thought, “This was it!” And boy, was she ever right. We immediately went and saw it. Jerry helped me look at the structure of the building as I am ignorant to construction. Unfortunately, I was leaving the country in four days. Jerry and Amanda immediately got me in contract with a great mortgage broker, who met me at 8 AM after an 8 PM meeting with them the night before regarding an offer…I was approved for a mortgage in amazing time and when I flew away three days later, we had an offer in on the house.

They continued to work with me while I was on vacation, always conscientious about bothering me only when necessary and walking me through the process from 8000 miles away. Their communication was excellent, clear, concise and patient. Considering my knowledge (or lack thereof) of real estate, there was no way I could have done this without them in place here while I was gone. I am so thankful for this experience and for the house that I am truly in love with more and more every day. This is due to the professionalism, patience, diligence and knowledge of Jerry and Amanda Arend. On top of all of this, I feel a great relationship with these two that is more comfortable and full of trust than just a business transaction.

You are truly lucky (and smart) to have them in your office for scared, clueless first time home buyers. I feel like we were a team accomplishing a dream, not a salesperson and a buyer who is merely a means to an end. If you need to refer any potential clients to a past satisfied customer, please feel free to have them contact me. It would be my pleasure to recommend Jerry and Amanda to anyone for purchasing a home.”

Candace Rossman – 1st Time Home Buyer