The Great Shift: Americans Considering Relocation

The Great Shift.

Across the USA, a recent survey showed that 47% of survey respondents were considering relocating (moving from their current city/town) within the next year. We have coined this “The Great Shift.” It perfectly describes this large, above average number of people (all across the country), shifting to new places to call home.

Where are people moving to?

In one particular survey, 27% said they’re moving within their current region, 12% are moving within their current state and 8% said moving to a new state entirely. However, other articles in our research show a much larger portion moving out of state. Regardless of whether people are moving within their current state or out, the fact remains that a larger than average amount of people are moving. And many of them are moving outside the town/city they currently live in, moving to suburbs or more rural areas. And all moves outside the immediate town/area, falls into the category of “relocation.”

So why are people relocating?

Many recent surveys showed varying reasons. The top reasons sited are:

  • Cost of living
  • Jobs
  • Climate change and weather
  • Home features
    • home size – many wanting larger homes
    • yard space – many wanting larger yards for entertaining and gardens
    • bigger kitchens – a shift toward people cooking more at home
    • more rooms – more spaces for everyone to have their own space
    • separate office/studying area – for working from home, or distance learning
  • Political Alignment

What is causing “The Great Shift?”

The simplest answer, the past 18 months. From the pandemic to the political climate and beyond, the past 18 months has made many people re-evaluate their lives. It has shown them where they are at, where they really want to be and what is most important to them. And these realities have made people decide to make changes. And with those changes, they are deciding to move. Whether it is simply wanting a house that suits their current needs, or something more complex like a job, cost of living, weather/climate or political views.

Overall, we think “The Great Shift” is caused by people that have decided to seize this moment and begin living the life they really desire, whatever that desire may be.

Considering a relocation?

As we have discussed, you definitely are not alone! But it can be overwhelming, as many people do not know where to begin. Moving within the area you are familiar with is relatively easy. You already know everything about the area, so there is no scary unknown. And relocating to an area you once lived, or have family or friends can be relatively less scary, but a bit more complex as you make plans in two different locations. However, relocating to a completely new place can be scary, confusing, difficult and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. We understand the emotions and challenges and have the experience to help you through the transition.

Where to begin? Simply reach out to us and we will get you started on the path to your new destination!