Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website! We began our careers in residential real estate 20+ years ago! And during those two decades we have definitely seen many changes throughout our industry.

One of the biggest changes is technology. And that is simply because it changes at such a rapid pace, there is always something that is the latest and greatest tool. Some are just fads that come and go quickly. Others remain tried and true and just keep evolving. Websites are in the later category, which brings us to this post.

One night, while brainstorming unique marketing strategies, we began discussing our website. We felt it was just another cookie cutter agent site that didn’t really set us apart from anyone else in our industry. Over these past 20+ years, we have had many versions of third party website designs. Each one came with the latest and greatest fads and tools. However, the problem was once most everyone was using the same new industry templates, the websites would become overused, outdated and boring again. Nothing to make the agent or their services seem special and different. Even though, we are all different in how we work and what experience, expertise and special sets of skills we uniquely bring to our clients.

So with that, we decided we would help separate ourselves from the every day agent and create our own custom website. That way we can update it with the latest tools to remain standing out from the crowd. I (Amanda) have created two other websites before and have been working on a third one. So creating websites is nothing new to me. However, none of those have been websites for our real estate. But, I jumped in with both feet and have created this new website just for us. A unique new website with the freedom to expand, create and change with the next 20+ years of our careers.

While some pages are still under construction, we decided the most important thing about a website it is to get it out there. So with that…

Welcome to our new website!